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Domtar : Digital and Inkjet Web Papers : Inkjet

Our digital inkjet web products can simplify your paper choices. Our line-up offers a variety of attributes you need to select the right paper for your job and equipment. Whether your needs are for color or monochrome, or your project is budget conscious or elaborate, our digital inkjet products will provide you with the functionality and performance to produce the type of printed piece you can be proud to display. Digital expertise, quality products, outstanding sales service and a national network of local distribution all ensure we will meet your needs in today’s evolving marketplace.

  • Kodak
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Ricoh InfoPrint Solutions
  • Oce


Laser Forms Bond is a top quality, laser guaranteed product that can withstand the rigors of modern converting and printing equipment. It offers superb fiber alignment while providing consistent printability and is guaranteed for OCR/MICR applications on our 20lb., 24 lb., and 28lb., paper. Laser Forms Bond product is manufactured to standardized linear footage targets to optimize converting efficiency.

16 lb.HiBulk Smooth 81 92  
18 lb. Smooth 84.5 92  
20 lb. Smooth 89 92  
24 lb. Smooth 93 92  
28 lb. Smooth 95 92  

Download Laser Forms Bond Product Specification Sheet PDF.


FSC  Certified

Digital Opaque Plus offers a 96 brightness in a smooth finish to enhance the visual properties and contrast of printed documents such as catalogs, brochures, flyers and book publishing. This premium opaque combines excellent runnability in both digital printing and post-processing equipment with elevated opacity to attain the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.

20/50 lb. Smooth 93 96  
24/60 lb. Smooth 95 96  
28/70 lb. Smooth 96 96  

Download Digital Opaque Plus Product Specification Sheet PDF. 


SFI Chain-of-Custody  Certified

ExpressJET® is a 94 bright digital product designed to work on pigment high-speed inkjet systems as well as laser and offset printing applications.  An enhanced surface treatment with a smooth finish allows ExpressJET the quick drying and waterfast capabilities that create starker blacks and color enhanced graphics.  This is a multi-functional economical inkjet product.  

BASIS WEIGHT FINISH Smoothness Caliper Opacity
20 lb. Smooth 150 4.0 89
24 lb. Smooth 150 4.6 93

Download ExpressJET Product Specification Sheet PDF.


FSC Certified

GraphicJET® is a unique digital product featuring excellent formation, a super smooth finish and 96 brightness.  GraphicJET's uniform print surface creates sharp, crisp images and text on a variety of digital web equipment including systems with inline binding treatment capability. Available in a 24 lb. and 28 lb. basis weights, processed and unprocessed rolls, GraphicJET is the leading digital marketplace paper of choice.

BASIS WEIGHT FINISH Smoothness Caliper Opacity
24 lb. Super Smooth 70 4.0 92
28 lb. Super Smooth 70 4.6 94

Download GraphicJET Product Specification Sheet PDF.


FSC Certified

VividJET® is guaranteed to simplify your paper choices for digital printing.  This premium product is universally compatible with inkjet (pigment), laser and offset printing systems, it will deliver performance and results on any platform.  With VividJET, you will enjoy a 96 bright uncoated, treated paper with excellent opacity to minimize show through, expanding your options when full color designs are in order.  Fast drying and enhanced waterfastness provide the opportunity for optimal efficiencies on high speed inkjet presses.  

VividJET - 96 Brightness 

BASIS WEIGHT FINISH Smoothness Caliper Opacity 
18 lb. Smooth 150 3.6 87
20 lb. Smooth 140 3.8 93 
23 lb. Smooth 140 4.2  94.5
28 lb. Smooth 140 5.0 96 

Download VividJET Product Specification Sheet PDF.

FSC Certified

VantageJET® features 96 brightness and surface treatments specifically engineered for improved print quality when used on dye based systems. This treatment results in greater lift in density and depth of color. The unique formulation decreases color-to-color bleeding and smearing for clear crisp images.

VantageJET - 96 Brightness

BASIS WEIGHT Smoothness Caliper Opacity 
20 lb. 130 3.8 92 
24 lb. 130 4.6  94
28 lb. 130 5.2 96 

Download VantageJET Product Specification Sheet PDF.

DL 9084
FSC Certified

DL 9084 is a top quality coated inkjet paper manufactured by Mitsubishi HiTec Paper and sold through Enterprise Group.  DL 9084 was developed for high speed two-sided printing on the inkjet systems of leading OEM's.  It is compatible with common dye, pigment and UltraChrome (K3) inks, and suitable for offset pre-printing.  The special matte coating on both sides of the paper provides high ink absorption capacity, excellent drying performance and wipe resistance results.  Combined with high brightness and a blue white shade, this gives great line sharpness, superior image density and excellent color reproduction.  In addition to superb print quality, DL 9084 offers flawless performance on a high speed pre- and post press processing and finishing equipment.   It is available in unprocessed and processed rolls.  

24.27 lb. Matte 4.6 89 92

Download DL 9084 product Specification Sheet PDF.